The gallery displays works by artists (reproductions) who worked form the late XVIII to beginning of XIX century in Livonia, and left us the heritage of their work documenting the beautiful surroundings with picturesque views of the manor "Lindenhoff" ("Liepas Muiža").
The manor was a favorite meeting place for artists such as Carl Gotthard Grass (Karl Gothard Grass) 3. KG Graß. Johann Wilhelm Krause (Johan Wilhelm Krause (1803-89), Johann Christoph Brotze (Johann Christoph Brotze (1742 - 1823). Also, the visitors will observe the works of Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern (Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern. In December 2015 our gallery wil be supplemented by romantic landscapes (reproductions) of Friedrich Caspar David.
You will be able see these and other paintings (reproductions) in our exhibition center.