Historical-Exhibition hall

Historical and biographical exhibition will introduce you to the life and work of prominent people belonging to different cultures that lived in the manor Liepas or visited it at different times.
The basis of historical-biographical, historical and local history collection "At the crossroad of three cultures and three centuries", which will be in the form of exhibition stands, was a a unique content of materials from the collected and found sources, which also refer to the "big history." It will be interesting to everyone, and especially for the citizens of Latvia, Russia and Germany.
The exhibition consists of sections:

1. Historical-archival materials - photos, letters, maps of different years etc. and other exhibits the manor; (a book about the manor and people);
2. Historical-chronological line of the manor;
3. Biography and photos of the owners of the manor;
4. Biography and photos of the historical figures who had visited the manor;
5. Culture and Art: works of Latvian, German and Russian artists from Dürer to the nowadays.

Languages of the exposition: Latvian, Russian, English