Park history

There is an old park on the territory of the manor, were linden alley and an amazing cascade of ponds has preserved.
In the copy of the latest inventory of the park in 1994 the various species of trees were listed - linden, oak, maple, ash, Siberian fir, jasmine, lilac, apple orchard and etc. Today, the park needs to be rebuild, treated and renovated. Although the apple orchard has grown old and tired, it still pleases us with the harvest of Papirovka.
On the plan of the estate in 1787, we can find a fountain and a cascade of five ponds. On later maps there are 7, 8 and even 9 ponds. Although ponds have survived, they are still in the poor condition. Now they are being cleaned out and their former borders are being recovered.
Unfortunately, one of the fountains marked on the map in 1787 has been lost forever.

In the photo on the left (top and bottom) there is a pond in July 2014, on the right – mid-September of the same year. Ponds are coming back to life ...

By the middle of 2016 the walkways, garden houses will be build, and art objects will be placed.
One of the best professionals in Latvia in the field of parks and gardens, said that such a "church landscape must not be spoiled by the thoughtless objects”. Therefore we are looking for the best solutions. We are also designing a summer open-air theater, a labyrinth, relaxation paths, bicycle paths, routes around the manor and etc.
Photo by: Armin Engert

In a ruined barn for grain (granary) a pavilion for performances "Arcade" will be built.