Manor "Liepas muiža"

Preserved to this day, architectural park ensemble of Liepas manor (former "Lindenhoff") is a wonderful multi-functional space. Location, natural environment, cultural and historical heritage makes the manor as if specially designed for recreation and cultural and educational activities.

In the past, Liepas manor was a united architectural ensemble. At the end of the XVII century a landscape linden park was established in the territory of the manor, enhancing the originality and uniqueness of the picturesque relief of the district.

Currently the manor is not included in the list of state-protected cultural monuments. The certificate issued by the Inspectorate for the Protection of Monuments on July 25th, 2002 only mentions, that Liepas Manor is located on the territory of the archaeological monument of local importance (state protection Nr 482). Today a number of buildings, historical and cultural elements of the landscape are lost, there are no small architectural forms, historical cascade of ponds and fountain stay desolated ...

Old German, Russian, Latvian manors - family manors of the noble families - play an important part in shaping the image of modern Latvia, Russia and Germany. They preserved the unique hand-made and natural complexes to the descendants. The aim of their history and identity popularization is to attract large audience, especially children and youth, to the cultural and historical heritage that encourages the formation of spiritual and moral principles, understandance of the historical roots and builds up a sense of patriotism.