Mission and objectives of the Association

The mission of the Association.

Restoration and preservation of the nature and cultural-historical value of the Manor Liepas with close international cooperation and the implementation of the multicultural projects in the field of culture, arts and recreation.

The objectives of the Association.

 1. Reconstruction and restoration work :

- Restoration of the historic volumetric and dimensional structure of the manor
- Reconstruction and restoration of buildings of the manor
- To establish a places for various expositions and exhibitions
2. Implementation of environmental protection works:

- Drainage and restoration works of the cascade of ponds
- Cleaning and restoration of the Linden Park territory
- Cleaning out anthropogenic wastes, removing the dilapidated and ruined buildings
- The creation of the route network for walks in the park
- Construction of pavilions, pergoles, art objects in the park and in the territory of the Manor.
- Garden households renovating
3. "International Organization of Culture and art Exhibition Center "Искусство в рекреации"" foundation with "Manor Liepas Development Association”.